Duluth Running Co. Marathon and Half Marathon Training Group

Fall Training Group

Note: Registration for our Fall Marathon Training Group is now open! Scroll down to register online below. Registration is also available in store at Duluth Running Co. The group runs will begin on Tuesday, July 9, 2013.

Our Marathon and Half Marathon training groups are held twice a year. The Spring group runs from mid-February through mid-June and prepares runners for the Grandma’s Marathon or the Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon. The Fall group runs from mid-July through mid-October and is geared toward runners preparing for the Whistlestop Marathon or Half Marathon, the Twin Cities Marathon, or the Chicago Marathon.

The program involves group runs 3 days a week. Group runs are Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:30pm and Saturdays at 7am. Most weekday runs start at Duluth Running Co. Long runs are done mostly along the North Shore.
Membership in the group includes:

  • Custom training plans
  • Supported group runs three days a week. Saturday long runs are supported with gels, water, and sports drink.
  • Coaching from Duluth Running Co. staff and certified coaches Tony Stensland, Clint Agar, and Kyle Sather.
  • Speaker Clinics at Duluth Running Company on topics such as: running form, injury prevention, race day nutrition, etc.
  • Monthly Group Dinners
  • A members only group blog.
  • Training Tech-T Shirt
  • 10% discount at Duluth Running Co. (First group run-race day)

This is a very fun social group where you can meet and run with lots of people of varying abilities. Everyone starts together for group runs. Small groups form organically during runs. We are expecting over 100 people to participate in the spring training program!

You get to choose your own training program. There are 3 levels for both the half and full programs: low mileage, medium mileage, and high mileage. Each program is based on the max weekly mileage that you want to run. On group run days half marathoners and full marathoners will run the same distance as their respective group. On non group run days extra mileage will be given to those who have registered for the medium and high mileage programs.

The DRC marathon training group is open to runners of all abilities. You should however be prepared to walk-run at least 4 miles before the start of the half marathon training program. The program starts out with short and easy 3 to 4 mile runs in the beginning of the base building period. We work our way up in mileage before doing specific workouts.

New for 2013: This year we are offering workouts of greater intensity that will coincide with regularly held group runs. All members of the training program wishing to push their limits are welcome to join these workouts.These workouts will be coached separately and will begin after a period base building has taken place for all group members.


Testimonials from Past Members:

“When I’m struggling, the group pushes me farther than I ever thought possible. When others are struggling, I’m right there pushing THEM farther.” Shannon Cousino

“Without the group I would not have completed my first marathon this past June.”  Laura Solmonson

“I joined the group to get faster and make running friends. Check and Check.”  Paul Wilken

“After having problems clearing mental and physical hurdles in my marathon training in years past I decided to join the group. The combination of the specialized training plan and the benefits of running in a group helped me to run not 1 but 2 Marathon PR’s in 2012.” Nate Wisehart

“Upon knowing that I was moving to the Duluth area, I searched for running groups & found DRC training group which I joined when I arrived here. I have been so very, very grateful for new found friends & support upon moving to a new area.”  Christine Bremser

“Not only have I found more confidence in what I can do physically, my work has been better, my life has become so much more fun and I have a lot of new friends helping me reach and exceed my goals.”  Beth Hodgson

Any questions regarding the marathon/half marathon training group may be directed to head coach Tony Stensland at tony@duluthrunning.com