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The 2015 Spring 5k Training Group registration is now open!


Our 5k Training Group is from April 20th through June 15th. All ages, genders, and abilities welcome! Past groups have seen father-daughter pairs, high school students, new parents, and retirees. The more variety, the more to learn!


Members will be able to choose one of two training plans: 


Very Beginner: A “Couch-to-5K” style run/walk program that is designed for the beginning runner or for someone coming back to running after an extended break (a year or more). Members choosing this plan will run twice weekly with the group and once on their own, gradually building up from the run/walk structure to mostly running at the conclusion of the program.


Advanced Beginner: A basic 5K training plan that works best for someone who has been running for at least 3 months, or has successfully completed the “Very Beginner” plan.  It fits well for those looking for a more structured training plan or those hoping to improve their speed, endurance, or 5K time. This group will be introduced to speed workouts structured to improve overall speed, endurance, and strength while running. Those who choose this plan will run twice weekly with the group and twice on their own.


Group enrollment cost is $30 and includes:

* Choice of training program

* 2 group runs per week, meeting Monday and Thursday evenings at 6PM

* Group tech shirt

* 10% discount at Duluth Running Co. for the duration of the program

* Members only group page